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Work Management

Build the ultimate productivity workflow

Calendar Management

Manage your calendar and time

Content Design

Design incredible content for any medium


Brainstorm & collaborate visually

Business Suite

Set up your Digital HQ

Website Builders

Build a website sooner than later

File Storage

Store and organize files on the cloud

To-Do Lists

Track your important to-dos


Design & present a slide deck

Note Taking

Take digital notes


Text & video chat with colleague, friends, or the fam


Craft content with docs

Craft content with docs

Create, organize, manage, and share reports, manuals, whitepapers, articles, and more.

Create, share, and manage documentation and knowledge in a collaborative workspace.

Google Docs

Create and edit any type of document for school, work, freelance, non-profit or personal use.

Google Docs
Google Sheets

Track and manage collections of data in tabular format across a set of sheets.

Google Sheets

Manage documentation, create a team wiki, organize your notes, and collaborate on projects.

Microsoft Excel

Track and manage collections of data in tabular format across a set of sheets.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word

Craft documents for any use case, across any industry.

Microsoft Word

What is documentation software?

Documentation software is a digital tool that facilitates the creation, storage, management, and organization of various documents, including business documents, reports, articles, notes, whitepapers, slide decks, and more. It offers a centralized platform for capturing and structuring information, enabling businesses and individuals to maintain a repository of valuable knowledge and collaborate on document-related tasks effectively.

How can documentation software benefit you?

  • Enhanced writing, editing, and formatting: Create and edit documents solo or with your team using a user-friendly interface. Enhance the look of your documents with formatting options, templates, and tools to customize layout, styles, and content, making it easier to create professional-looking materials.

  • Collaboration and versioning: Work with others simultaneously on the same document, allowing real-time editing, commenting, and feedback exchange. Create versions to track contributions and revisions, allowing you to compare changes and access previous versions.

  • Organization and searchability: Categorize, index, and organize documents into folders, tags, or metadata. This facilitates easy search and retrieval of records based on keywords, dates, or other criteria, saving time and improving productivity.

  • Access controls and security: Set up security measures to control document access, ensuring only authorized individuals can view, edit, or share sensitive information. User permissions, encryption, and data backup features help protect documents from unauthorized access, loss, or damage.

  • Integrations and automation: Integrate with other applications, such as project management software, email clients, or cloud storage platforms. This enables seamless collaboration, automated workflows, and streamlined document sharing across different systems.

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