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Work Management

Build the ultimate productivity workflow

Calendar Management

Manage your calendar and time

Content Design

Design incredible content for any medium


Brainstorm & collaborate visually

Business Suite

Set up your Digital HQ

Website Builders

Build a website sooner than later

File Storage

Store and organize files on the cloud

To-Do Lists

Track your important to-dos


Design & present a slide deck

Note Taking

Take digital notes


Text & video chat with colleague, friends, or the fam


Craft content with docs

Brainstorm & collaborate visually

Visually brainstorm, plan, and map your ideas on a digital whiteboard.
Google Jamboard

Organize your thoughts and ideas visually on a collaborative canvas.

Google Jamboard

Organize your thoughts, ideas, and more with an interactive mindmapping app.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Collaborate visually on a whiteboard and connect to Teams.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Brainstorm, plan, or manage projects with others using a digital whiteboard.


Brainstorm, plan, or manage projects with others using a digital whiteboard.


Organize your thoughts, ideas, feedback, and just about anything on a vast interactive canvas.


What is whiteboarding software?

Whiteboarding software refers to apps that simulate the experience of using a traditional whiteboard for brainstorming, illustrating ideas, or collaborating visually. It provides a virtual canvas where you and your team (or clients) can draw, write, add shapes, and annotate content on screen, replicating the freedom and flexibility of a physical whiteboard but in a digital format.

How can whiteboarding software benefit you?

Whiteboarding software offers a range of features and functionalities that enhance collaboration and creativity. These may include:

  • Infinite canvas: Whiteboarding tools often have an infinite canvas you can zoom in and out of for maximum use of space. It's an ideal solution for brainstorming your projects and ideas collaboratively in one central, interactive place.

  • Drawing tools: Whiteboarding software provides digital drawing tools, such as pens, markers, highlighters, and erasers. Users can choose different colors, thicknesses, and styles to create visual representations of their ideas.

  • Shapes and Objects: Users can add pre-designed shapes, icons, or objects to their whiteboard, making it easy to create diagrams, flowcharts, or other visual representations. These elements can be resized, moved, or connected to illustrate concepts or relationships.

  • Annotation and Text: Whiteboarding software allows users to add text boxes, labels, or annotations to their drawings or diagrams. This enables users to provide additional context, explanations, or notes alongside their visual elements.

  • Collaboration Features: Collaborate with multiple teammates or clients in real time. Promote teamwork and contribution of ideas with simultaneous editing and feedback features, such as reacting and commenting on certain items on screen for everyone to see.

  • Integration and Sharing: Whiteboarding software often integrates with other collaboration tools, such as video conferencing or project management platforms. It's perfect for seamlessly sharing your whiteboards in a meeting or webinar, allowing participants to view, interact, save, or revisit the whiteboard content later.

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