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SaaS Talk Sessions

Listen to sessions of our SaaS Talk podcast, where our founder, Diego Torres, explores the impact software tools have on the way we live, learn, work, and create. 

We delve into the power of setting conventions when using work management tools and how it can elevate productivity and operational efficiency for entrepreneurs and teams alike.

Session #5 - The Power of Conventions

We examine important features that enable you to collaborate effectively with your team or clients, and communicate within the context of your work within work management platforms.

Session #3 - Pillars of Work Management: Collaboration

I walk you through my 7 steps for choosing the right SaaS tool for your unique needs. I'll cover everything from identifying your use case to considerations for your budget and formulating a testing strategy to make the most of free trials and versions.

Session #4 - 7 Steps to Choosing the Right SaaS Tool

This first season is about work management platforms and how you can use them to achieve greater productivity solo or with your team, ultimately taking your business to new heights.

Session #1 - Intro to SaaS Talk

We kick off the Season of Work Management by unpacking the three pillars of work management platforms: Coordination, Collaboration, and Communication.

Session #2 - Pillars of Work Management: Coordination & Communication
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