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Welcome to DTECH Cube! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ An easier way to discover new software.

Plan, track, and streamline projects seamlessly with Jira, Atlassian's work and issue tracking platform, providing teams the tools to collaborate efficiently and manage projects with precision.

Work Management

Store, access, and share your files and documents with anyone.

File Storage

Centralize multiple aspects of work management such as goal planning, project and task management, and organizing functional teams.

Work Management

Create stunning slide decks with advanced slide controls and graphic design features.


Organize your thoughts and ideas visually on a collaborative canvas.

Google Jamboard

Build fully functioning and responsive online stores with a wide range of integrations to sell any type of product online.

Website Builders
Just added to the Cube
Work Management

Organize, plan, track, collaborate, and analyze your work and projects efficiently.

Calendar Management

Schedule, organize, and track events, appointments, and tasks.

Content Design

Create, structure, and optimize content for websites, apps, social media, or publications.


Visually brainstorm, plan, and map your ideas on a digital whiteboard.

Business Suite

Establish your company's digital HQ based on your domain.

Website Builders

Build a website visually without having to type of single line of code (unless you really want to).

File Storage

Secure and organize your files on the cloud for easy access and management.

To-Do Lists

Track tasks and set reminders with tools to conquer your daily to-do list.


Craft stunning slide decks to visually present ideas, initiatives, or reports to any audience.

Note Taking

Take copious notes and capture ideas that you can access from anywhere.


Communicate with team members or clients over text, video, or voice chat.


Create, organize, manage, and share reports, manuals, whitepapers, articles, and more.


Choosing new software doesn't have to be difficult

Kickstart your next product hunt with our exclusive Product Selection Guide: a downloadable eBook with seven steps you can take to effectively choose a new SaaS product for your business.

We cut the guesswork.
You focus on building.

You're already busy enough building a business; you shouldn't have to spend hours finding software and investing in tools you'll swap eventually. We'll connect you to a proven software toolkit that will keep you organized, productive, and make building your business enjoyable.

ClickUp 3.0 has revolutionized the platform, reinforcing the app's ability to replace other productivity tools in your tech stack.

ClickUp 3.0: Not just an upgrade, it's the future of work management
Product Reviews

It's official! Loom, the leading cloud-based video recording software, is now a part of the Atlassian family...

Loom Joins Atlassian: A New Chapter for the Video Recording Giant ๐Ÿ“น

When transferring tools your work from one tool to another, you need to identify how exactly you plan to store your existing projects...

Transferring projects & tasks to a new platform ๐Ÿšš

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Discover powerful combos

Browse our selection of handpicked combinations to build the ultimate productivity toolkit. Pair work management platforms with chat apps, documentation tools, and other software.

Find powerful work apps to achieve your most ambitious goals

We connect you to leading SaaS solutions that supercharge your productivity and accelerate your growth
Microsoft OneDrive
File Storage
Microsoft 365
Business Suite
Website Builders
Content Design
Work Management
Affinity Designer 2
Content Design
Work Management
Microsoft PowerPoint
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